Sports - SP-A0003

3D Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Fitness Watch

  • Product Information

    Staying healthy has never been so easy and so fun! With this wonderful fitness watch you are able to specifically and intelligently track your goals, and improve on your health condition every day. Guess work is not enough for you. You want to know exactly what you are doing and how well you are really doing, all given in numbers and exact parameters. You can easily stream and transfer the data to your computer, smartphone and tablet, and have an exact hystory of how well you are doing. Whether you are on a Windows computer that is Bluetooth capable, or you are on an iOS or Android mobile device, our watch is compatible and ready to use immediately. Very efficient and very intelligent in its purpose, it is your perfec fitness companion. It measures your walking steps, the calories that you have burned, the exact activity time, track your progress, measures your heart rate, gives you an estimate of the quality of your sleep, you can set reminders and more! Don't let yourself be tricked by approximations of your mind, use the exactness of science and numbers! Once you start using it, you will wonder how you ever managed to take your health seriously without it!


    • BLE 4.0 technology for data transfer with BLE 4.0 smartphone for IOS 7.0 and Android 4.3 on or above
    • „Bosch 3D acceleration sensor with 360 degree high sensitivity to track every imperceptible movement
    • High quality OLED display with one button operation
    • With optical light sensor for Heart rate , can accurately monitor your real-time heart rate all day and night
    • „„Vibration feature for alarm and activity motivation
    • Scratch-proof & abrasion-resistant housing, environmentally friendly
    • Light weight, compact design
    • Built-in Lithium Rechargeable battery with USB charger
    • „30 days memory
    • Heart Rate monitor & Electrocardiogram


    • With optical light sensor for Heart rate
    • Battery: 90mAh Lithium polymer rechargeable battery
    • Display: 0.91’’ OLED with touch screen
    • Data Memory: 30 days
    • Vibration feature