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Dual Sim Adapter For iPhone

  • Product Information

    Change the way you use smart phones.

    Unit Size 83*55*5mm
    Color Vs Bar code Black and White


    • „2 Active Numbers in 1 - Use one simplest device and one smart-phone app to manage and control all the stuff in your second phone
    • It is not fashionable or stylish; it costs a lot and is a waste of space. That's why we created the Dual SIM Adapter for iPhone! it is the future of Dual SIM technology
    • It is a tiny companion device that holds any GSM, EGSM, DCS, or PCS card, allowing you to add an extra number to your existing smart device via Bluetooth
    • It is designed to fit in your wallet, front pocket, or behind your phone easily
    • The Dual Sim Adapter for iPhone is so small that it is the size of a CREDIT CARD! That's why we like to call it, "The Next Small Thing"


    • Dual SIM Adapter For Smart Phones - Simply put your second sim card into PIECE and connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and Start making phone calls and text messages
    • A Security Alert for your Wallet - If you and the Dual Sim Adapter are separated by more than 10m, both your phone and tha adapter will ring to prevent it for being lost or stolen


    • „Support IOS 7.1 or above, Android, Apple Watch, Pebble Watch.
    • Dual SIM Adapter for Smartphones
    • With Frequency MHz: GSM850MHz/EGSM900MHz /DCS1800MHz/ PCS1900MHz
    • „Build-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery: 550mAh
    • „Digital thermometer in nylon handle; silicone paddle for ease of use
    • Unit Size: 83*55*5mm
    •„Color: black and white