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DUAL SIM CARD iPhone Bluetooth Adapter

  • Product Information

    The iPhones are great mobile devices, both for business and for personal use. Swapping sim cards on the go has never been a convenient or efficient task. You will end up using one sim card, while you will not be reachable on the other phone number. Why change your phone to lower quality alternatives from other brands, when you can keep your iPhone and have full dual Sim card support? The Dual SIM Card iPhone Bluetooth Adapter does exactly that: it allows your iPhone to seamlessly and harmoniously use one extra sim card on the go. No need to swap sim cards, you can send and receive calls & messages from both cards on the go. With the proprietary application you can keep track of your contacts on both sim cards, monitor sent and received calls, find the adapter device in case you lost it, and so much more! Intelligently use the power of Bluetooth to your advantage. It has very little impact on your iPhone battery, the device has its own Li-Ion battery which is chargeable by USB.


    • ALLOWS YOUR PHONE TO FULLY SUPPORT DUAL SIM OPERATION. Why carry around 2 phones or change your phone to a poorly made dual sim phone when you can use intelligent technology that allows your phonefully support two sim cards at the same time? It saves you money, time and space
    • SUPPORTS REMOTE CAMERA SHUTTER AND LOST ALARM. Your iPhone app will warn you as soon as the device is out of range, and let you know as soon as the device is within range, reconnecting it automatically to your phone. Seamless and automated operation


    • Micro Sim Card support
    • „GSM Full Band Support: GSM850Mhz/EGSM900Mhz/DCS1800MhzPCS1900Mhz
    • Sensitivity: -104 dBm
    • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, Micro USB charging
    • 10 meters working range
    • Supports Remote Camera Shutter & Lost Alarm functions
    • Third party account login, for Blacklist sync
    • Supports iPhone 4S and up and iPad 3rd generation and up - requires full Bluetooth 4.0 support
    • Intelligent app interface which allows you to initiate calls from the sim card of your choice, take photos from a distance, and helps you to find the APP Phone in case you lost it
    • 10 meters working range