Health - JC-2931

BT Smart BEAUTY Device

  • Product Information

    Customize your personal beauty plan via this App. It Massages your skin everywhere by all direction


    • PRACTICAL AND RUGGED DESIGN: waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant Feature
    • Multifunctional with red light(wavelength 628mm) , IR(wavelength 780mm) and ion technology for 6 different treatment purpose: Deep cleaning, Keep moisture, Reduces wrinkles and anti aging, Skin whitening, Anti aging and skin firming, Eye care
    • One button operation, touch lightly , switch smoothly.
    • Professional Water-proof Technology
    • Hide Panel with light , Unique design for you
    • Massage your skin everywhere by all direction
    • Titanium head design , Suitable for all skin types
    • Unique groove design