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Eye Spa Massager

  • Product Information

    Here comes the Eye Spa Massager to take care of your eye spa needs. Treat your dry, tired eyes with the Eye Spa Massager. This lightweight cordless device slips over your eyes like a pair of goggles. Simply insert the detachable micro water storage board and turn on the heat for up to 12 minutes of gentle, relaxing steam that penetrates the tissues around your eyes to improve circulation and relieve eye fatigue. Or, try the optional low frequency pulse vibration, with three rhythmic modes to pulse away stress. Steam and massage work together or independently. Adjustable elastic strap fits most. Charger plugs into an AC outlet or computer USB port.

    Unit Size 50 x 25 x 12mm (excludes bracelet)
    Maximum Continuous Working Time 48 hours
    Material ABS
    Power Rating DC 5V/5W
    Vibration Frequency 1800 mAh
    One Cycle 12 minutes
    Color White + Purple
    The package contains Eye spa massager kit, Band, USB line , Suction device included
    Manual included 105g A5 copper printing paper, in 1 language of choice
    CB size Eye spa massager kit, Band, USB line , Suction device included
    CTN Size 436X336X400MM CTN Weight: 10kgs


    • WARMING EYE MASK: the small amount of hot steam is intelligently used to relieve eyestrain and tension, and to improve the overall health of the eyes
    • PHOTOTHERAPY: yellow light can improve collagen absorbtion, while at the same time help whiten your eye skin
    • VARIETY HIGH FREQUENCY VIBRATION improves blood circulation around the eyes, and it effectively removes the bags, dark circles and wrinkles
    • INCLUDES MANUAL, GIFT BOX AND A PLASTIC/PVC SUPPORT to help keep the shape and protect the product


    • „High-end components working together to provide accurate activity reading like Bosch sensor, BLE 4.0 technology, light sensors for heart rate, and others.
    • High-tech and easy to read touchscreen OLED display that shows an array data for optimum fitness.
    • Comes with sturdy construction using top caliber materials like aluminum and stainless steel for long-term use.
    • „„Designed to be safe from cosmetic and water damages; also possesses environment-friendly features.
    • Works longer with its installed high quality 90mAh Lithium polymer rechargeable battery.
    • Unit Size: 50 x 25 x 12mm (excludes bracelet).