Kitchen - KT023

Thermometer with Spatula & Whisk

  • Product Information

    THE KT023 Thermometer with Spatula&Whisk is truly a great invention. You can use it for steering food, measuring up the food temperature, and even for whisking your favorite sauces and mayonnaises! By the added usage of the detachable thermometer you can now have more precise control over your cooking, and add that extra level of care to your recipes. You can safely use it for mixing or tasting really hot food(material is safe up to 220 °C, and the thermometer will display temperatures between -20 °C and +200 °C ), knowing that silicone is one of the healthiest and safest materials that you can use in your kitchen. It doesn't form any dangerous compounds at high temperatures, and it remains stable even when being very hot. The thermometer can also be used by itself, without the spatula, simply as a cooking thermometer that can be sticked into steak for measuring up that nice optimum temperature, or in any dish for that matter. Treat yourself and your family by adding "that little extra" to your cooking arsenal. It will help you to really take your cooking to the next level!


    • 2 PRODUCTS IN 1 EASY TO USE PACKAGE: SPATULA AND THERMOMETER that can be used for taking your cooking to the next level by precisely tracking the temperature of your food
    • PROFESSIONAL THERMOMETER that can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and measure temperatures between -20 °C and +200 °C
    • SPATULA IS MADE OUT OF SILICONE, WHICH IS ONE OF THE SAFEST MATERIALS THAT CAN BE USED IN COOKING. It does not change its chemical structure, even at 220 degrees Celsius, which makes this product truly worry free!
    • THE AUTO ROTATING FUNCTION makes it perfect for whisking food