Kitchen - KT-013B

Kitchenware Wine Opener

  • Product Information

    You don't need to be a bartender with a lot of experience to open a bottle of wine. Have you noticed how a lot of times, when you buy a bottle of wine, the cork is so hard to open? Sometimes you will end up spilling wine all over the place, you have to hold the bottle really firmly, and if you are tired from work and you just want to enjoy a good glass of wine, the last thing you want to do is wrestle a stubborn bottle of wine. That's what our Electric Wine Opener is for. To make things easy for you without you having to put a lot of physical effort into opening a bottle of wine. Just place the opener on top of the bottle, firmly press it down into the cork, and the opener will go down, while the cork will automatically be pulled upwards. Gently pull the opener upwards and enjoy your wine with your friends! You haven't spilled a drop, and you didn't need to use Herculian strength to open a bottle of wine. Opening a bottle of wine has never been easier!

    Unit Size 10.5x7.5x28.8cm
    Case Pack 24 pc/ pack
    N.W. / G.W / Case size 7.5kgs / 8.5kgs / 47x44x30.5cms


    • SLEEK AND STYLISH DESIGN. AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS to suit your personality and preference
    • CLEAN AND SEAMLESS OPERATION: no need to use physical force to open stubborn bottles of wine. Our Wine Opener has it all covered for you. Just place the Wine Opener in a vertical line over the cork, press the down button and firmy push the opener down. Then you can just pull the opener up, and the cork will be gently removed. You can now enjoy your wine without having to worry about spilling wine around, or making a mess in your house
    • PERFECT TO USE AT HOME WITHOUT THE NEED TO LEARN ANY NEW SKILLS. You're not a bartender. We get it. You just want to enjoy a glass of good wine without making a huge deal out of removing a cork. That's what the Electric Wine Opener is for: making things easy for you