Kitchen - KT020

SmartChef Pasta Maker

  • Product Information

    You love pasta. So do we. Why buy the pasta they give you in the supermarket when you can prepare your own pasta, according to your own unique personal preference? You don't need to buy pasta which is filled with chemicals, and the ingredients are many times of questionable quality. With the KT020 Pasta Maker now you can have it all, inside your very own kitchen! With the super quiet motor, the microcomputer controlled working programs and a choice of 10 different types of pasta, you now have a great kitchen tool in your arsenal. Even your children can use it, it's that easy to operate!

    Case Pack: 2 pc / ctn
    N.W. / G.W / Case size 7.6 KG / 8.1 KG / 430 mm x 350 mm x 356 mm


    • QUIET & SAFE OPERATING. No unpleasant or disturbing engine noises
    • DESIGNED FOR FAMILY USAGE, perfect for making healthy and delicious pasta at home
    • HIGH LEVEL OF CONTROL: can choose between 10 different types of pasta, can choose various colors and so much more!
    • BUILT ONLY FROM HEALTH SAFE MATERIALS: the inside is built from the highest quality ABS material
    • EASY TO USE AND INTUITIVE OPERATION: just put the flour and water inside, and the machine will automatically mix them for you